Make the Change

when all hope is lost
and no light is found

when redemption seems hopeless

will you make a change in me
will you make me believe?

even if no one ever speaks to me again
I know I am safe within your hands

though the critics may scoff
and the cynics may mock

and no one believes the change in me

can you make them believe?
can you make them believe in me?

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Escape with Fire

I have made mistakes
Let down anyone who admired
Gave them no choice but to run
Cornered myself in the dark

We will all escape with fire
Still smoldering, our skin
No more illusions of angels
Sainthood no longer sold

Forever branded as fallen
My only forgiveness is time
When the memories fade
When the larger enemies, they find

God you promise to forgive
Will your people do the same?

Can you give me peace while I wait?
Forgiveness, is it right around the corner?
Will I again feel warm embrace?
Or am I beyond redemption?

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